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java::lang::VMThread Class Reference

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Detailed Description

VM interface for Thread of executable code. Holds VM dependent state. It is deliberately package local and final and should only be accessed by the Thread class.

This is the GNU Classpath reference implementation, it should be adapted for a specific VM.

The following methods must be implemented:

All other methods may be implemented to make Thread handling more efficient or to implement some optional (and sometimes deprecated) behaviour. Default implementations are provided but it is highly recommended to optimize them for a specific VM.

Jeroen Frijters (jeroen@frijters.net)

Definition at line 70 of file VMThread.java.

Package Functions

int countStackFrames ()
String getName ()
int getPriority ()
native void interrupt ()
boolean isDaemon ()
native boolean isInterrupted ()
synchronized void join (long ms, int ns) throws InterruptedException
native void nativeSetPriority (int priority)
void resume ()
void setName (String name)
void setPriority (int priority)
native void start (long stacksize)
void stop (Throwable t)
void suspend ()

Static Package Functions

static native void create (Thread thread, long stacksize)
static native Thread currentThread ()
static native boolean holdsLock (Object obj)
static native boolean interrupted ()
static native void sleep (long ms, int ns) throws InterruptedException
static native void yield ()

Package Attributes

volatile Thread thread

Private Attributes

int vmData

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